If you were looking for a late-summer club anthem, then look no further. “Alien” by Fire Jane is in fact a fire song. She soulfully pours her heart out to a high-energy melodic dance rhythm. Following her carefully crafted lyrics, a love story unfolds of two foreign lovers who have all odds stacked against them. An extraterrestrial connection like no other keeps her flesh pounding for a love otherworldly. She sings of a lust that if separated, she may never find again. 

Inspired by Ava Max, Doja Cat, and Selena Gomez, Fire Jane brings new flavor to the table. Atmospheric in nature, “Alien” will make you crave a dance floor to leave your heart on. While at times repetitious, “Alien” will be stuck in your head for hours to come. Fire Jane has collaborated with DJ artist Klaas on her most recent release prior to “Alien” which got her attention that in undeniable. Racking up a list of show-stoppers, Fire Jane continuously looks for collaborators to boost her into the stars.


With an impressive 45,000 monthly listeners on spotify, Fire Jane is expected to be released on a VIP Recordings Pop Compilation Album that boasts other well known dance singers like Chris Brown, successfully sharing her feel-good music. It is not hard to see why she has amounted to such success. You will easily feel tranced to listen to her other singles that she has released over the past two years. Fire Jane has captured a cosmic stone in my heart and she will yours as well. Her music can be found on all streaming platforms including some upcoming releases you don’t want to miss.


Written by Stephanie Pankewich






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