“Good Morning, Early Warning” by Ryan Fischer

It’s not hard to notice that the ways of our parents and grandparents are slowly fading. No longer are we stepping into one career for 50 years and then retiring to warmer climates. We’re taking more chances and doing way more than they could have ever dreamed. Take Ryan Fischer for example. 

He started behind the camera of numerous documentaries, but when things took some turns and he found himself creating music to ease the struggle, something clicked. Then a near-death experience at a Mexico beach cemented it – music was going to be the route he traveled. Today, he’s on the heels of his 2021 fall debut, ‘Commercials For Heaven.’ Listeners have gotten a little taste of what’s to come thanks to a few singles, including “Good Morning, Early Warning.”

Ryan Fischer has presented a few sides of himself with the release of three singles thus far from his debut album, but “Good Morning, Early Warning” highlights the bare bones singer-songwriter who is a man armed with a guitar and he’s not afraid to use it. Throughout there are some homages to some pretty heavy rock classics from Ozzy Osbourne and Smashing Pumpkins that hardcore music lovers are going to appreciate, but even if you don’t catch them – it’s still a serene song that gives off modern-day Bob Dylan vibes. Ryan Fischer is a troubadour with a story to tell through song, and he does it with ease. 

‘Commercials For Heaven’ is due out this fall, but three singles, including “Good Morning, Early Warning,’ are available now on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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