“Fiction Borders” by Noralyn

“Fiction Borders” is the final single release leading up to Noralyn’s album. Her gentle yet commanding voice fit perfectly over the alluring piano lines on this delicate release. The way the song kept pushing and gaining energy till the last note was exciting and showed off her range incredibly.

Intricate vocal lines kept my attention and kept drawing me back in. At points Noralyn’s voice reminds me of Lorde, but at others a sort of stripped down Grimes. Despite these similarities, Noralyn has a sound all her own. Every part of the instrumental helped elevate the melody.

Since most of the song doesn’t use drums, by the time they enter the energy is huge. The push through all the different moods not only exhibited the depth and artistry of Noralyn, but made the song feel like a journey. The ever-changing rhythm section helped each section feel unique and supported.

Pain and yearning stain the emotional lyrics. Her voice sounds powerful, but almost fragile at others. The delicate melodic lines accent these lush emotions. Early verses leaned into the aching, vulnerable feel; while later ones felt optimistic and hopeful. “Fiction Borders” manages to capture these different energies while retaining its eerie beauty.

One of my favorite parts of “Fiction Borders” was how diverse it was. On this song alone she demonstrates her comfort singing over a thin texture and controlling the energy, as well as floating over top a choir of other voices. Not only that, but to do so in a way that is interesting as well as enjoyable to listen to isn’t easy. Noralyn sounds incredible and captures the beauty of “Fiction Borders” perfectly.

“Fiction Borders” can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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