“TwentyOne” by J0vanna

Young adulthood is weird. Once you leave high school you’re in this weird limbo where yeah you’re 18 so technically an adult, but nobody treats you as one. By the time you’re 21, 18 feels like a VERY long time ago. You may not have everything figured out, but you’re much better equipped to enter the ‘real world’. ‘TwentyOne’ by Florida-based artist J0vanna is her realization that time doesn’t slow down for anyone.

Whenever the song broke into layered vocals it would give J0vanna a chance to show off her powerhouse singing. These layers sounded phenomenal, and gave the song a massive presence. The way they would hand off what was at the forefront was great. Sometimes it’d be the melody, while othertimes, nuanced vocal riffs take the focal point. 

Before the female vocals entered I could have been convinced this was a Bruno Mars song. The throbbing bass pushes the song along without distracting from the lead vocals. Similarly, playful synthesizers seem to dance along doing their own thing in the background. Massively different synths seemed to find their place in the texture without getting in the way.

One of my favorite parts of ‘TwentyOne’ was the mix between maturity and ingenuousness. Every part felt well thought out and impressive. The lyrics were well said and sounded incredible over the warbling instrumental. Reaching ‘adulthood’ is an odd time, because (at least in America) you reach it repeatedly. At 18 you can join the army. At 21 you can drink, but you still have to wait until 25 to drive a rented car. Growing old happens way too quickly, and like J0vanna said, “I wish I had a superpower to slow down time”


“TwentyOne” can be found on any major streaming service


Written by Tyler Roberts




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