“Under the Circumstances” by The Routine

The Routine is a four piece group based across Cambridge and London. The group formed in 2019 which consists of Liam Palmer (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Ben Taylor (Lead Guitar), Ben Nunn (Bass), and Mark Thomson (Drums/Samples). The Routine was formed after Lunar Echoes disbanded in 2019 due to musical differences. Ben, Ben and Mark were on the lookout for a new singer and put out an ad for lead singer and Liam responded. A few weeks later the group met up in a rehearsal room, and after a few hours of jamming, Liam was part of the band. 2021 was a big year for the band, with many releases and plenty of tour dates across the UK, and the debut release “Under The Circumstances” being recorded at Crooks Hall Studio with John Metcalfe.

“Too Many Times” kicks off the EP with a frustrated tone, Ben on guitar and Mark on drums instantly suck you in with the heavy head banging vibe. With the pandemic in our lives we have all taken a good look at where we are and where we want to be, some of us may be happy with the answers and some of us may feel like we are stuck. The Routine states that “Too Many Times” was essentially born out having an anger and frustration from being stuck in a dead-end situation for a long time. Beginning Under the Circumstances with that vibe then easing into “Come Knocking at My Bedroom Door”, is a great way for the listener to process the start of the EP.

Halfway through the EP, The Routine shows a chill tone and a more relaxed version of them. They give you time to breathe and really think. “Rest” and “Part of Me” continue making you look deep within and really making you feel your feelings. The Routine does an amazing job at keeping you engaged with their music by hooking you in with strong lyrics and having beats for multiple songs that will stay stuck in your head for hours.

“Take Me Back, Tuck Me In” is the perfect sad song to give you the big cry that you’ve been holding in. It really forces you to look at all the mistakes and false promises made, we all have moments of major regret. The Routines debut EP Under The Circumstances sheds a light on the fact that it was written, rehearsed, and recorded during a hard time for the whole world. The EP helps you deal with the problems that aren’t so easy to escape, you can’t help but thank them for that emotional release.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: James Nunn Photography




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