“My Kind Of Man” by Molly Francesca

In the music industry upcoming artists have a chance to show the world who they are through their powerful vocals and lyrics. “My Kind Of Man” by Molly Francesca is a debut single that is filled with heartfelt honesty by Francesca as she sings about the feelings of falling in love for the first time.

Throughout this entire piece Francesca’s voice remains melodic and sauvy as she describes the passionate feelings she has for a certain man. What I really like about Francesca’s vocal style is how she is able to show two different kinds of emotions while singing. The feeling of obsessing about wanting to be loved can be felt in the atmosphere but at the sametime Francesa is having a battle within her heart because she wants to stay true to herself. The experience Francesca shares is beautiful because she uses her voice to show what she is feeling at the moment when she laid her eyes on the man who captured her attention.

Another noticeably good thing about “My Kind Of Man” is how people can relate to this song. Almost everyone has fallen in love at some point in their lives and sure enough they have felt how strong the obsession is while they keep following the desires of their hearts. Although love is a beautiful thing, it can be challenging because some people want to stay true to who they are despite the lingering obsession that looms in the atmosphere.

Francesca does have her feet on the gas pedal with “My Kind Of Man” because her passionate vocals describe her experience with falling in love and the melodic style of Francesca’s vocals gives this piece a sense of romance that is filled with mystical wonder. 

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Blackham Images

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