“Burned Alive” by Pablo Iranzo

What I love about music is how universal it is because it allows artists to freely express themselves through bold vocals and instrumentation. “Burned Alive” by Pablo Iranzo is a great example because Iranzo uses strong emotions that can be felt through his passionate music.

The song starts off with the sound of Iranzo singing about the heartache he has endured and his voice is filled with anger while he continues to feel like there is nothing left in him. Also, Iranzo’s vocal style shines on this piece by how he manages to keep his vocals on a lower tone while he sings in anguish. Iranzo is a gifted vocalist because he does a good job with using his voice to tell the world how he feels while his heart is breaking.

Other than the vocals, Iranzo’s guitar playing contributes to lingering sadness because each riff blends in with a light sound that brings an extra kick of bitterness but the best part can be found in the middle of the tune when Iranzo blazes the background with a guitar solo that gives this piece a dose of strong emotions of what Iranzo is feeling. The guitar playing on this song keeps everything together by how each note brings a sense of angriness that displays what a break up feels like.

Iranzo did a fine job with “Burned Alive” and people should give this song a chance because it is filled with vocals and instrumentation that is capable of blowing the minds of those who are listening.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: IranzoMusic

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