“Save The World” by Michael Sopolidis

The term ‘one man band’ has dissipated over the years, Michael Sopolidis is bringing it back by being the man behind his music. “Save The World” is the second single off upcoming twin albums NEW HORIZON:DUSK and NEW HORIZON: DAWN. German artist Michael Sopolidis is proving that one person really can do it all, if you have the dedication, you can do anything. Michael did everything himself, from the songwriting, performing and production to artwork, photography and videos.

“Save The World” is the latest release from Michael, the drum intro/ mini solo instantly hooks you into the song, attached to that is a killer guitar hook and powerful lyrics. With this pandemic and how quickly the internet can spread the word around, it’s easy to melt into the chaos of the world. You start to feel like you aren’t doing enough or somehow the state of the world is your fault. Maybe you want to figure out how to make a change, maybe you are recycling more, volunteering, going to protests, whatever it may be you want to do something to right the wrong you feel like you created.

“Switch off the TV and fade out the news
Don’t need to hear more of this end-of-world blues
This killing and raping and lying and shame
It makes me feel somehow like I am to blame”

Lyrics such as that remind you why you love music so much, it reminds you that you are not alone. Michael is sharing a piece of himself with us, a piece that some of you may be familiar with. The anthemic track will have you singing the chorus alongside Michael before you know it. His twin albums are highly anticipated, “Save The World” and first single “Horizon” will have you playing Michael on repeat.

“This is a 100% me and as personal as it gets.” – Michael Sopolidis

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Michael Sopolidis




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