“A Modern Allegory Of The Cave” by Take Flight

“The world’s in disarray” 

Lyrically, it doesn’t get more honest than that when looking around at the past year and change, but despite the whirlwind of a pandemic, racial injustice, and way too much false information flying around – the world at any point in history could be summed up in this line from “A Modern Allegory Of The Cave” by the UK-based emo meets hardcore band, Take Flight. 

Elder millennials know more than most that emo wasn’t necessarily all about one particular sound. It was a moment that encapsulated an array of genres from pop-punk to metalcore. A moment that has continued to lay the foundation of inspiration for bands in the here and now, bands like Take Flight. People of a particular age will hear this and wonder, wait…did I see them at Warped Tour once upon a time? 

They have this beautiful intro where melancholic harmonies take control and allow for listeners to grasp hold of the lyrical content, but then once the dust settles – they crank it up. That then allows a new side of Take Flight to gain air and make “A Modern Allegory Of The Cave” more well-rounded. That uptick in raw energy takes it to a new level and adds another layer for consumption. 

Fans of bands like The Used and Saosin would appreciate what Take Flight is putting out. Those who want to check out “A Modern Allegory Of The Cave” can do so now as it’s available now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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