“Infrequent Life Changes” by SCKDRWR

Sckdrwr’s “Infrequent Life Changes’ ‘ is a melancholic song that is perfect to listen to while unwinding, relaxing, or for long drives. It begins inside an elevator and ends with a car engine. In between those unique sounds, SCKDRWR so carefully uses ambient sounds that begin quiet, then ever so effortlessly heighten to depict his infrequent life changes.

The song begins off with distant synths, with a recording that Sckdrwr recorded getting into an elevator. As the song continues with keyboards and a catchy beat, it’s reminiscent of a lonely car ride on the beach, with its gentle yet sad instrumental. According to Sckdrwr, his track is, “metaphorically—but also kinda literally—about finding the signal inside the noise. it’s about finding a groove in the space between spaces and moments between moments.” In- between the elevator to the car engine is a dysphoric and calming track.

The delicacy of this atmospheric and chill track is perfectly wrapped up with its 80s inspired elements with its downtempo synths and keyboard. Throughout the song, there are moments that feel so soothing, then taken over by melancholia.

Sckdrwr is a multi-talented artist from Santa Clarita, California. During quarantine, he bought synths and began making music on his own. He began to try to get his music out there in anyway he could, including showing friends and posting his music on subreddits. “Infrequent Life Changes” is the title track from his upcoming debut album. Being an up-and-coming artist who has just begun, be on the lookout for Sckdrwr. He’s on the come-up, and he’s not seeming to be going anywhere!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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