“Say Something” by The Canvas Collective

The Canvas Collective is made up of singer Mandy Kessler, guitarist/bassist/synth player Kris Wong, and drummer Zack Brody who were all students at Berklee College of Music. They met through mutual friends and from playing shows with each other and despite living in different states they stayed together. “Say Something” was recorded at home by friend of the band, Luke Aymon who produced, mixed, and mastered this song.

Sometimes there comes a point in your life when you want to grow and move forward, you start to take a look at your life and begin to want more. Then you start to look at the people in your life and you realize that some of them aren’t here to see you grow. This song is about feeling held back by another person or group of people who don’t feel responsible for their actions. Kris’s sexy bass tones plus Mandy’s strong vocals leaves “Say Something” something to be desired. Although Zack is new to the band and this was the first song he recorded with the collective, he gave the drums a unique multi layering that gives “Say Something” that professional feel.

“Say Something” is pop punk which is different from the alternative rock/grunge sound you are used to hearing from The Canvas Collective. This switch of direction was something you didn’t know you needed. You can’t help but to gravitate towards badass women especially ones in music who have killer voices such as Mandy. “Say Something” is an inspiring anthem to all the gas lighters out there, this song is to show all of them that you aren’t stupid and you have your eye on them.

“I’ve never felt more myself making a song than I have when we wrote and recorded “Say Something”. We are so in sync as a band now and the music we are writing has me so stoked for the future!” – Kris Wong

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Mia Shmariahu





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