“Broken Like Me” by TruckerBomb

One of the best parts about music is how bands and artists find a way to create a composition that challenges listeners to guess the meaning behind the song. “Broken Like Me” by TruckerBomb is a country/rock tune which features talented musicians and well known live acts. The most enjoyable part about this song is how it makes listeners think about the meaning of this piece and how they can relate to the lyrics.

The sound of bittersweet instrumentation kicks the song off with a melodic sound. The noises from the guitar, keyboards and drums contributes to the twang that country music has but at the same time the elements of rock music can be heard due to the electric guitar riffs, the thunderous drum beats and lively keyboard playing. Other than the instrumentation, the vocals are top notch because each vocal style blends in with the theme and the sound of the band members singing together gives this piece a dose of harmonic sound. The solid instrumentation and vocal performances shows how passionate TruckerBomb are with their music.

Although this piece is inspired by a broken relationship, the lyrics can cause listeners to voice their thoughts about the meaning behind this single. While listening, it does feel like the band is speaking for those who are feeling broken and challenged during a difficult time. A lot of people can relate to this song because most of us have been through rough times while dealing with a worn out mind and a broken heart. Kudos to TruckerBomb for making a song that can relate to people who are struggling with their lives.

“Broken Like Me” is a joy to have blaring on the speakers and TruckerBomb did a great job with creating a country/rock song that is filled with deep meaning, amazing instrumentation and beautiful vocal performances. TruckerBomb do have their feet on the gas pedal and I can’t wait to hear more music from the band.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: TruckerBomb

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