“Loyalty” (Acoustic Version) by Dominick Raffaele

My heart is already for this one as soon as the first chord is played. Reminiscent of Sam Smith, it is hard not to feel everything Dominick is feeling. While the lyrics of the whole song are hard not to recognize, the chorus especially rings out to me;

/You’re only loyal, loyal to a good time/

It’s as if Dominick ripped the words right our of my brain. With infidelity being tossed around like trash, it is hard in this world to find people who will still around after those ‘good times’ are gone. 


The only downfall to “Loyalty” is that Dominick’s voice is so angelic, when background vocals came in, I wish I heard his own vocals accompanying the wonderful arrangement and harmonies. But that being said, we truly get to see him shine and tell this ex, lover, or friend where their relationship lies. 

“Loyalty” makes you wanna ugly cry in a late night drive while screaming these lyrics at the top of your lungs. But I can feel the confidence nearing the end of the song and I know that he truly believes that he is better of without. 


With the entrance of the drums, the song infinitely changes,bringing an optimism that no one expected. I wish we heard the confidence in his voice reflect the lyrics and made shock all his fans. That maybe its okay we have unfaithful people in our lives but that only makes us stronger. Regardless Dominick has a writing style and vocal ability that I can’t believe I stumbled upon. If this is the acoustic I’d love to hear the original. Stay tuned into Dominick Raffaele to hear the more music that is coming!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich




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