“Jessica” by Forgotten Garden

Forgotten Garden has released a new single titled “Jessica.” Lead singer, Inês’ Dias Rebelo, vocals are enchanting as they bring the listener inside a woman’s journey. This story-like melody has ghost-like qualities. The song takes the listener as a phantom observer of a woman doing her best to survive. The story begins with the profound and poetic lyrics below.

“Jessica’s soul was torn

By a man whose only gift was scorn

Crushed by a dark controlling mind

Trapped by the endless ties that bind”

The song “Jessica” is a heart-wrenching song about a woman seeking peace after domestic violence. She is a wanderer, constantly on the move with an unsettled heart. She is unable to escape from the pain and fear of her past. “Jessica” immediately draws out people’s emotions. As a listener, it is almost impossible to hold back the tears. It pinpoints suffering and pain held within the body after trauma. 

The haunting and eerie characteristics of the song present a grey, unhealed, and an “in-between” feeling. The song is vulnerable and deserving of high recognition for its ability to paint such personal a strife and emotional complexities.

Forgotten Garden tries to give Jessica a sanctuary, but the thing is, dealing with the pain is unavoidable. The blue emptiness of the world lives within her still, so truly, there is no escaping it. 

“Always looking for something new

Always finding those shades of blue

Jessica won’t you stay here with us.”

It is easy to hear the love for “Jessica” within the light melody of the song. The song “Jessica” is crucial and beautiful. Forgotten Garden has brought emotional healing for many people through their new single. Therefore, new audiences should not take this talented band lightly. Make sure to add “Jessica” to your playlist and like the list on Spotify.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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