“Unstable” by Richard

Richard’s track “Unstable” is an emotional song dedicated to his brother who passed away from an overdose a year ago. At first listen, “Unstable” may not sound like a sad song, with the sudden changes in tempo and Richard’s hard-hitting vocals, but these elements were actually very carefully crafted by Richard to highlight how quickly things can change in life from huge events such as someone’s death. 

The song begins off with a slow instrumental: a soothing R&B beat along with Richard’s calming, alto voice. Richard’s voice and the tempo slowly begin to build up as the song continues. About a minute in, the seemingly R&B track completely changes tempo and turns into a fast-paced hip-hop song. 

Just as sudden conflicts or deaths can alter one’s reality in such a second, Richard’s “Unstable” highlights this quick shift. While the instrumental and tempo was slower, so was Richard’s voice, but as the tempo begins to heighten, his impeccable flow shines through and his lyrics also become raunchier. Towards the end of the track, Richard says, “Onto the next thing”, seemingly showing how quickly people must move on after experiencing something tragic. 

Although the song has an emotional undertone, it is also Richard’s way of living without regret. He states that his brother always taught him to not live in fear, and that’s why Richard’s lyrics become raunchier throughout: he is becoming comfortable with his music.

Richard has been releasing music for a few years now, with an EP titled “A Lot on My Mind” in 2019, and most recently a single “Cake Batter”. Coming off the release of his mixtape called “Illegal the Mixxtape”, “Unstable” is the first single of his upcoming full length album RICKY, which is set for release on August 21st.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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