“Fine Line” by Music By Kota

“Take another step off the edge, baby,” and listen to the tremendous Nashville-based band Music By Kota’s latest single, “Fine Line.” While it has a modern sound to appeal to a younger audience, it most definitely does explore the roots of rock n’ roll and blues, giving you that authentic Tennessee sound.

Using liberating melodic guitars, an attention-demanding lead vocalist, and one heck of a guitar solo, the five-member band delivers a story of chasing after something that, in the end, wasn’t worth going after. Something we can all relate to.

With such an adventurous song like “Fine Line,” listeners should expect one crazy journey with unexpected twists and turns throughout the song. The three-part harmony with the instrumental pause is absolutely breathtaking. The dynamics in the song’s vocals and instrumentation are beyond astonishing. Without breaking the song’s flow, they keep the piece exciting and the listener on the edge of their seat.

Also, it’s imperative to give a standing ovation for that memorable guitar solo.
I strongly appreciate that gospel-like ending with what sounds like a church organ. That not only shows that these guys are genre-fluid but that they genuinely respect Tennessee because no song can have that “Tennessee sound” without incorporating a gospel sound.

Unfortunately, you’re left disappointed because the song ended, but, thankfully, there’s a repeat button.

There’s no way you can get enough of these guys. They’re talented and very easy on the eyes. Follow them on their music journey — you definitely want to keep your eyes out for more content from this band; they’re superstars.

Written by Taylor Berry

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