“Why Can’t I Be The One” by Leechjul

When all you want to do is succeed, watching the people around you find success sucks. Of course, you’re happy for them, but when is it your turn? Whether in a career or love, seeing something regularly just reminds you of its absence. Washington D.C-based duo Leechjul are done waiting on “Why Can’t I Be The One”. Easy atmospheric vocals soar overtop dizzying synths on this artistic pop song about just wanting to be loved.

Although the tone of the lyrics  is melancholy, the upbeat instrumental made everything feel light and happy. It gave the song an almost sickly sweet sound. Acidic almost dizzying synths expand upon and deepen that as well. It all sets a phenomenal foundation for the vocals.

Solo sections faded into chorus’ and back again giving everything a much looser feel. Despite this, the drums kept chugging along providing a consistent texture throughout the songs entirety. The occasional fill was tasteful, and helped bring variety to the steady groove. 

The psychedelic almost controlled chaos of the music video suited “Why Can’t I Be The One” perfectly. Like any good music video, it could stand on its own as interesting and entertaining. It matched the open, almost free sound of the song to a T. Everytime I gave it another listen I’d find something new I liked. The chorus was catchy and stays in your head for hours. It all felt innovative and fresh, there’s nobody who comes to mind to compare their vibe to. Leechjul have done a fantastic job creating a unique and enjoyable sound.

“Why Can’t I Be The One” by Leechjul can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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