‘The Girl in the Water’ by Amphisbaena

Music with features is wonderful. It brings artists together to create works of art with each of their influences. Some musical projects and works make this sort of collaboration the main focus, bringing in different artists for each track or couple tracks. Martyn Price did exactly this with his new project Amphisbaena. Amphisbaena comes from the greek myth of a snake that has one head on each side. These two heads serve as a representation of the collaboration between the tracks. Each head representing an artist on the track they collaborate on. Collaborative projects like this are wonderful, because they pull many artists together to create one big project. It can give listeners a sense of each artists sound and how that connects to the main sound the project is centered around.

‘The Girl in The Water’ is such a powerful heavy track. The guitar in it is super well done, and it makes use of both its brighter and darker tones. It opens up with a brighter sound, until the heavier beat hits. Then it picks up this perfect grungy sound that fits right in place. The vocal layering adds a sort of ominous sound that also shines through with the synths as well. Eliza Grace works with a few different vocal tones with her work on this piece.She starts off with a powerful alto tone that has a bit of an emotional rasp to it. From there she pulls out this belting tone that serves as an in between leading to a higher and and more breathy vocal tone. She works wonders with her voice and makes great use of vocal scoops throughout ‘The Girl in the Water.’

Amphisbaena created ‘The Girl in The Water’ as a track between mother and daughter, and it has such a poeticism to it. The creator and lyricist behind Amphisbaena, Martyn Price, says that it’s a metaphor that’s up to the listener to decide. This is part of the beauty of investing in music. Every person has their own experiences and thoughts to bring to what they listen to, so every person will have some sort of different understanding of the music they listen to. As with most tracks, Martyn likely had their own idea and thought behind it. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be an impact in the variety of ways it can be read into.

Amphisbaena is a collaborative project from the brain of Martyn Price. The project is based on collaboration. Martyn Price writes the songs and works with all sorts of genres with all sorts of artists. Each artist has a chance to bring their own unique influence into the project, and that builds an eclectic range from track to track. That being said, it sticks to a heavy rock and metal basis to connect all the pieces together. There’s such a beauty in collaborative projects like this. It brings tons of musicians together so that they can create with someone else. Amphisbaena is a relatively new project, but it’s already been starting to build up a following.

Written by Sage Plapp




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