‘Wasting Time’ by Gage.Wav

Won’t you waste your time with me? That’s the question Gage.Wav literally asks in his latest track ‘Wasting Time.’ We’ve all been there. In a spot where we’ve fallen for someone and just want to spend all our time with them. The best way to use your time might just be wasting it with someone else. Culminating a love and growth with someone else by our side is a great way to learn about others and yourself. The starstruck feeling from the beginning of a relationship might just be one to hold on to and move forward with. This is a feeling that can be the spark leading to the bonding of two beautiful souls.

‘Wasting Time’ is a fast-paced bop mixing elements of indie rock and some modern hip-hop. Gage.wav did a wonderful job mixing the darker electric guitars with synths and trap drums that are more typical of modern hip-hop music. It has such a driven and uptempo force to it. The vocal effects are used well throughout this track, and there’s such a strong belting tone for the chorus. There are parts of the track where the singing is more beat-driven do a great job at pulling the listener in even more. There are also some higher falsetto tones used which are well sung and use both a powerful and softer tone. The bassline and trap drums work together wonderfully, pulling the song forward. ‘Wasting Time’ refuses to be stagnant. The instrumentation switches up a bit throughout, using each instrument in their variety of ranges.

‘Wasting TIme’ is a track that’s overall about a budding love and romance. The main chorus is all about wanting to waste time with another and wanting them to waste their time with the voice of the song. It sounds like it comes from the place of either a brand new relationship or one that is about to start. There are still some nerves and reservations. “Know you’re too good for me / I know it’s clear to see / Way past the galaxy / off to infinity,” Gage.Wav sings. The fact that he’s stating the subject of the song is too good for him clues the listener into the fact that the relationship is in its earlier stages. Normally seeing someone as too good spurs from infatuation and fears that you aren’t good enough for the relationship. Though this may seem dark, many relationships like this can grow into beautiful mutual love. ‘Wasting Time’ is a well-crafted catchy song about catching feelings.

Gage.Wav is an eclectic indie artist based in Tennessee. He makes his music using a variety of genres and sounds and refuses to stick himself in a box working with any single genre. His main goal is to make his music sound good, and he’s been doing a wonderful job at that. He started officially releasing music in 2020, just last year. You wouldn’t know he’s a new artist with his crisp production and strong musicality. Gage.Wav is doing wonderful things with his music by ridding it of the idea of genre. It opens a whole box of musical tools that come from the palette of genres that already exist. Gage.Wav is a phenomenal artist with a bright future to look forward to.

Written by Sage Plapp




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