Artist Interview: “Hello Lovely” by Hidekki

Q: Tell me about your purpose in creating your song “Hello Lovely.”

HIDEKKI: I’ve always been a fan of genre mashups. Usually, you only hear them when artists collaborate or when songs are remixed. As an artist, I set out to make the music I want to hear. I’ve been getting into hyper pop recently, and I wanted to make a song that combines that genre with my own [musical] sensibilities. Also, the timing seemed right because I’ve been wanting to make a summer song for people to vibe to.

Q: I love how you’ve got different genres infused in the song. But how would you describe your sound to people?

HIDEKKI: Thank you for noticing! I would describe my music as a Pop-Rap/Electronic hybrid. I realize that Electronic music is a broad term, but I don’t want to box myself into a specific sub-genre.


Q:  It’s a fun song and perfect for the summer. What would you say was the best part about creating the song?

HIDEKKI: I made this song specifically with Summer in mind! I really enjoyed incorporating suggestions from my girlfriend into the song. It’s hard to stay objective when evaluating your own music, so I run my songs by her. She played a big role in helping me arrange the pieces into the final version of Hello Lovely.


Q: What are you hoping people take from “Hello Lovely”?

HIDEKKI: I don’t think Hello Lovely has a particular message. It’s more of a love letter to badass women than anything else. More than anything, I just want to contribute to the soundtrack of people’s lives.

Q: What’s the music scene like in Salt Lake City, and how has it impacted you?

HIDEKKI: Salt Lake City has a deep appreciation for music of all kinds, although I think the city as a whole skews more towards Hip Hop and EDM. Salt Lake City’s largest supply of shows comes from a company called Select Sound Entertainment. They do a great job of keeping the city entertained. SLC’s biggest Event is the Hive music festival for more established artists, but we have venues for musicians of every stage in their career.


Q: What do you want to say to your listeners out there?

HIDEKKI: Thank you so much for giving my music a chance! I’ve gotten nothing but positivity and support from my listeners. I’m super proud that’s the type of people my music attracts.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry




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