“A Thousand Miles” by Madelyn Mandry

Singer-songwriter Madelyn Mandry proves she is a lyrical genius in her latest single, “A Thousand Miles,” a melancholy breakup song with realistic lyrics. Mandry uses her splendid songwriting skills to express the difficulties of getting over someone despite them moving on from you, even after we’ve taken the steps that supposedly depict we’re moving on, like changing hairstyle and wardrobe.

The strong bass and beats increase the song’s hype while Mandry’s silk-like passionate voice provides a soft touch. And it’s impressive how she not only sang the piece beautifully, but you can also hear the emotion in her voice like the song is her story. Mandry’s voice is similar to Lennon Stella, while the entire song itself sounds like an Olivia Rodrigo type of song. Needless to say, Mandry is a pro in her art.

The cherry on top is most definitely the lyrics — they’re realistic and relatable, especially the lyric, “Trying to forget, but you’re a drug, and I’m an addict.” Many breakup songs have more rage and sit along the lines of “I’m done with you, I don’t need you,” while Mandry opens her heart to us and reveals the truth that getting over someone is hard, but all you can do is try. Breakups weren’t always supposed to be easy.

Mandry is a beautiful artist who has a bright future ahead of her, and if she stays true to herself and her art, she will go places.

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Dylan Lowery and RoseGold Photography

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