“Made For This Time” by Howe

Everybody has a cellphone. They’re so integrated into society that I can’t even go to Chili’s without them telling me the menu is on my phone. Sometimes they’re useful, but usually, they’re not. Despite this, people remain transfixed. Even when hanging out in groups, they’re staring at their phones. California-based singer-songwriter Howe feels completely disconnected from this tech-focused world on their single “Made For This Time”.

Brutally honest lyrics contrast the upbeat instrumental. The whole song takes an easygoing almost effervescent vibe. I loved how different the estranged vocals felt from the whole atmosphere. Not only did the chorus stay stuck in my head all day, but the verses too. Each one felt unique and different. Supported by elegant backing vocals, the energy was tangible. Lovely counter melodies seemed to dance besides the vocals, helping “Made For This Time” lock in and soar.

Despite all the positivity, what I really loved was the message behind it all. I found it relatable, and honestly who wouldn’t? Walk down the aisle of a bus, how many people are on their phones unaware of their surroundings? I may not be able to say it as gracefully as Howe did, but it’s a feeling I have felt many times; but never been able to articulate. 

Cool guitar strums rest in the back of the mix providing chordal support. Paired with the warm backing vocals elevates the delivery of the lead vocals. It all melds together to create a song that’s both introspective and fun. A true delight to listen to.



“Made For This Time” by Howe Can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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