“Eve” by Alba Rose

New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Alba Rose released her brand new single “Eve,” a beautiful song that combines neo-soul with R&B and jazz. The listener embarks on a smooth and soul-touching journey through its powerful double bass, percussion, and Rose’s elegant voice.

Without a doubt, the double bass, keys, and percussion are the source of intimacy the track holds. Rose’s R&B vocals emerge in the most smooth and calming manner, and just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. Rose hits us with her exceptional range and runs, causing goosebumps. You’re drawn to her vocals throughout the song and don’t want to stop hearing her sing.

The instrumental break with the haunting backing vocals is a breath of fresh air. Besides Rose’s voice, the most surprising thing in the song would have to be the change in rhythm in the middle of the song, which is bouncier. And a special shout out to the musician on keys — the solo is breathtaking. The musicians who worked on “Eve” knew are clearly knowledgeable in soul and jazz music — the song is the epitome of quality soulful music.

The entire production of “Eve” is spectacular and a work of art. Rose is an emerging artist who has a long journey, but we can’t wait to follow her and see what she has in store for the future because, from the sounds of “Eve,” Rose is just getting started with her music career and has a bright future ahead of her.

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Maria Memet

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