“Mama’s Girl” by Jacob George Band

Miami-based Jacob George Band is taking us all the way back to early ‘00’s rock with their latest single, “Mama’s Girl,” which is their newest release since their 2016 album, “Fight the Feeling.” The band includes members Jacob George (vocals, guitar), Nestor Rigaud (bass), and Tom Gilfoy (drums).

“Mama’s Girl” is an excellent song with superb instrumentation that captivates you. It has a groovy bassline and fantastic bass riffs that can’t be forgotten, and the drive in the electric guitar gives the piece the energy and grit that it has. The song has some bite to it!

As previously mentioned, some early ‘00’s rock influence is heard. Ironically, similar to those rock anthems we all love like, “Mama’s Girl” is definitely the type of song to be liked by many people despite their genre preference, just like “American Pie” and “Sweet Caroline” (these aren’t early ‘00’s but you get the point).

Unquestionably, there’s a bright sound in the track, making it perfect for whenever you need a little pick-me-up. And, of course, the title proves that the track would make a great addition to your Mother’s Day playlist.

Jacob George Band is an emerging musical group with vast amounts of talent, and you can definitely appreciate the rawness of their music, which we all most likely hope they stick to because it works for them.

There’s no telling what the future may hold for the band, but we’re holding on to our hats for more of their music.

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Enrique Jimeno

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