“Shadows In The Dark” by Sam Gifford

“Shadows In The Dark” by UK-based singer-songwriter Sam Gifford is the most influential song to emit inspiration and courage through headphones. Speaking on going after what seems impossible, Gifford blesses our ears with this indie-pop inspiration during times of hardships and challenges.

Gifford begins the piece by showcasing his unreal guitar fingerpicking skills that pair perfectly with his eloquent voice. It feels as though Gifford is right in front of you, opening up about his personal feelings to you alone.

The lyricism in the record is powerful. Lyrics like “I fall apart chasing shadows in the dark” correspond with the song’s meaning. You can’t see a shadow in the dark, but you’re determined to chase the impossible even if it means breaking you. That’s deep, and it’s something we all need to hear. There have been times where things seem impossible, but if you go for it, you’re likely to see the impossible become possible.

It’s incredible how he starts off the song soft but builds gradually to this fuller sound where you hear instruments thrashing and heightened emotion. Despite not wanting the piece to end, you’re left satisfied and inspired.

Whether we realize it or not, “Shadows In The Dark” is just the song we need to help us through these difficult times. Through this track, Gifford gifted us the inspiration and courage we need. From the sounds of the single, Gifford’s talents will send his music career to the top.

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Matt Gifford

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