“We Both Know” by Phehello

Rising artist Phehello just released a new single, “We Both Know,” an exquisite R&B ballad about denying feelings for someone when the chemistry is apparent. With remarkable production and Phehello’s sexy voice, the single successfully enthralls the listener and invites them to feel the song’s emotion.

Without a doubt, “We Both Know” is a song with quality production, especially the beat. Phehello’s voice is the cherry on top. His singing is enticing and drips of sweetness and passion. Also, it’s admirable that the listener can enjoy the rhythm and beat and understand the song’s lyrics because of Phehello’s perfect articulation. Music nowadays doesn’t really thrive when it comes to articulation.

When it comes to breakup or love ballads, I firmly believe it’s important that the lyrics are realistic and relatable, which is exactly how the lyrics are in “We Both Know.” Lyrics like “So, let’s stop pretending we don’t want commitment, but then we talk on the phone call for 70 minutes” are relatable and realistic and correspond with the song’s message.

The role of R&B is to get people to submerge themselves in the feeling of the song. If you aren’t moved by R&B, then either something is wrong with you or the song lacks the qualities R&B holds: soul-aching blues, emotion, passion, and groove. Phehello’s song definitely has those qualities.

Undeniably, Phehello is one artist we need to watch out for because he’s on the rise. The quality of music he makes proves he’s worth all of our time.

Written by Taylor Berry

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