“Summer Girl” by Manny Loveankh feat. Pupa Tee

Just because it’s August doesn’t mean summer is officially over. Despite the pandemic, you can still have your dream vacation with just two things, headphones and Manny Loveankh’s latest single, “Summer Girl,” featuring Pupa Tee. Loveankh’s dancehall single is the epitome of summer and makes you think of places like the Caribbean and Miami. The best places to vacation!

With an afrobeat and vigorous rhythm, “Summer Girl” is an infectious and sexy track guaranteed to make you move your body. With how complex the instrumentation is, it’s incredible that they work well together without anything overpowering.

Many people would be drawn to the intense energy felt throughout the song because of the fantastic production. Usually, if you want to create a summer dance hit, the main focus would have to be on the song’s instrumental part because it’s what commands people to dance — Loveankh succeeded with that.

Like mentioned before, it does have that Caribbean sound because of the afrobeat. It’s appreciative of how diverse the record sounds, multi-genre. You hear some pop, dub, and reggae, which would make it dancehall — meant to make you dance.

Overall, the song is enticing and entertaining. It’s something you would hear in movies like Fast and Furious in a scene with cars and women or in a beach club.

This is Loveankh’s sixth released single, so, obviously, he’s just getting started. We encourage you all to follow him on his musical journey.

Written by Taylor Berry

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