“Your Call” by Nicholas Goss-Williams

Do you remember those teen romance movies like A Cinderella Story? Well, UK singer-songwriter Nicholas Goss Williams recently released the perfect song titled “Your Call,” which sounds like it should be at the ending scene of a teen romance film. The way your heart feels when the jock and girl finally get together at the end of the movie, you’ll feel the same way with “Your Call.”

Starting with Williams’s voice, it’s a bit surprising how similar it sounds to Steve Harwell’s, the lead singer of Smash Mouth. But vital Oasis and early Blink-182 influences are heard in the entire song, but you still hear Williams’s original style.

The emotion in the song that has your heart swelling comes from the electric guitar’s energy, the acoustic guitar’s clean and warm sound, and the breathtaking harmonies.

The most soul-capturing moment has to be towards the end of the song when Williams sings “whisper in my ears,” where the music stops for a quick second, almost as if it’s hanging in the air, and then it all comes crashing back down and the full sound returns.

“Your Call” is such a romantic song, and hopefully, we hear it in a high school film because it would enhance that dramatic romance scene.

Written by Taylor Berry

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