“Next To Me” by Suburbs

Canadian band Suburbs’ new single “Next To Me” is hands down one of the most unique and romantic songs of 2021. Combining a banging beat and romantic lyrics, the band created a masterpiece.

The first thing you’re drawn to is the lead vocals because they sound like a mixture of Zayn and James Arthur. With such an angelic and warm tone, we’re invited into the song. What’s fantastic is the beat drop — while you’re vibing with the lyrics, your body reacts to the bass and beat by swaying — can’t blame you.

The song is intimate and relaxing because of the soft nature of the buttery warm vocals and smooth instrumentals. When it comes to romance music, there’s no need for thrashing instrumentals unless trying to incorporate rage but, if not, then it’s best to keep things low and smooth.

While everything about the track is excellent, the peak of the song would have to be the vocals — they seize your attention while drawing you to the edge of your seat. By the end of the song, you realize you’ve been holding your breath the entire time.

“Next To Me” is alluring to the point where you wouldn’t want an ending; you want to keep that repeat button on. Suburbs have been releasing music since 2020, and it’s surprising how, as emerging artists, they create a song with such quality. We can all agree that we are all excited to hear more music from them in the future. Who knows what the future holds?

Written by Taylor Berry

Photo Credits: Kyle Saliendra

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