“Midnight Lovers” by Our Man In The Bronze Age

The hard rock genre appears to be dying, as the music charts are primarily dominated by the genres of rap and pop. There is something to be said about hearing loud, hard, powerful guitar riffs, as guitarists have the ability to create magic and express emotions through their artistry. The single “Midnight Lovers” by UK hard rock band Our Man In The Bronze Age captures the essence of what hard rock sound like.

“Midnight Lovers” begins with a rough, gritty guitar riff followed by intense, pounding drums. The lead vocals start off sounding dark and heavy, but they quickly become less intense as the lead singer is now singing in a higher vocal range. More than halfway through the song, the dynamics of the composition change dramatically as the drums and guitars become significantly louder and heavier. Towards the end of the song, the lead vocalist belts out a raw, powerful scream as he sings the final note. This climatic vocal performance gives way to a hard, intense ending as the guitars and drums once again become louder and heavier. The final note from the guitar packs a powerful punch sending chills down the spines of listeners.

Our Man In The Bronze Age is made up of five members that came together in 2007. The hard rock energy that Our Man In The Bronze Age exudes is sure to please hard rocks fans from all over the world. The band is planning on releasing their second album on October 8, 2021.


Written by Brittany Jennings 




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