“Microscopic Enemy” by Sentience Machine

This past year has been difficult for everyone as we have all been impacted by the coronavirus health crisis. From wearing a mask in public to entering a global lockdown, the coronavirus has sent us all into an emotional tailspin. UK rockers Sentience Machine express their growing frustrations from the coronavirus in their high voltage single “Microscopic Enemy”.

“Microscopic Enemy” is jam packed with heavy, aggressive, in your face guitars and drums. Frontwoman Psibindi, also known as Rena, showcases her rough, raw, high energy vocals throughout the single as she highlights how the coronavirus has impacted our lives from an economic and mental standpoint. “Corona opportunist. You gotta buy everything. We’re smoked into depression.” The lyrics within the chorus capture the intense feelings of isolation and aggression that manifested within us as a result of the global lockdown that was placed upon us. “We’re feeling down, stuck inside a lockdown. Everyday turns into a meltdown. Wanna shout, smash out of this crackdown.” The emotional roller coaster continues into the bridge of the song as Rena cries out in anger. “I want my life back. I want the world back. I want it back back.” The guitars and drums back off a bit in terms of intensity, but they come back with full force to close out the song.

Sentience Machine is a five-piece ensemble based in London, England. The band has demonstrated that they have what it takes to deliver an explosive performance and Rena proves that she can rock just as hard as her male counterparts.


Written by Brittany Jennings 





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