“Backspin” by The Bad Egg

For many decades music has allowed bands and artists to express themselves through powerful instrumentation, vocals and lyrics. In most cases some musicians have lost themselves in the music because they are having fun creating a musical piece that is capable of touching the lives of other people. The song “Backspin” by The Bad Egg is a classic example of a band having fun while performing music.

The Bad Egg released their EP “A Night In Gale” two months ago and “Backspin” became the band’s focal point song because the lingering sound of melody blends in with the synthesizer, guitar and drum playing. As a whole, the instrumentation is amazing due to how the synthesizer sounds like a xylophone that keeps getting louder with each hit, the guitar playing hums in the background with vibrant noises and the drum playing has a selective sound that gives this piece a heavy does of the rock and blues.

Perhaps the best part about this composition are the vocals because the vocal styles from all of the singers displays how much fun the band is having while performing and in many ways the vocal arrangements keeps this piece together by how each singer brings the elements of rock and blues music through their passionate vocals. This song is catchy because of the way each vocal brings a style of coolness while the band sings the lyrics.

“Backspin” is a fun song that will cause people to dance along while listening and The Bad Egg do know how to create a song that is filled with wild rock and blues music.

Written by Caitlin Stoddard

Featured Photo Credit: Studio Kiba, Oliver Bartenschlager

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