“Funk Right Off” by Miles Grindey

Southampton, Uk artist Miles Grindey has remotely created music with some of the best musicians across the world….literally! He recorded “Funk Right Off” with Atlanta, Georgia drummer Adam Wolfe and two fellow Southamptons, Cam Lynn on bass and saxaphonist Nick Willsher. This track took a lot of time, effort and energy from the trio and thankfully they had the help of producer Nicholas Bowen who mixed and mastered the track at Quay West Studios.

Have you ever felt that you were made to make a difference? To be able to change or influence people in a positive way. Miles Grindey was born to do that through making music. Since the age of 9 he’s been playing guitar and has been known to do his own thing and experiment and find new sounds of his own.

“Funk Right Off” is the perfect track for music lovers and music players. This is a song that you can sing to (despite there being no lyrics) and you can play along with if your heart pleases. Miles Grindey and the crew does an amazing job at bringing you into the feeling with just their instruments. A lot of the times you can get caught up in the vocals and forget about what is going on in the background. Miles Grindey keeps the background alive with “Funk Right Off”

Miles Grindey is here to keep jazz in the hearts and souls of all the lovers of jazz out there. You could be doing a simple household task, driving/leaving work, or just needing something to go with your coffee, “Funk Right Off” is the way to get things going. Follow Miles Grindey on Spotify to keep up with the funkiest jazz hits.

“The track took a lot of care and attention to get right, over many months it has turned into something that is
just easy to listen to and where the contributors absolutely shine. I may have written the damn thing but I
swear each time I listen to it, there’s always something to discover about everyone’s performance –
absolutely fantastic (but maybe I’m biased…)” -Miles Grindey

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Claudio Rodriguez Vera




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