“I Got You” by Arnon ft Jonisa

Born in Albania in 1997 as Mario Hysneli, Arnon got his start in music in his hometown. In 2018, at the age of 21 he expanded his audience to more than just Albania with performances in Russia and Belarus. With the help of Jonisa, Arnon exploded onto the scene and achieved chart-topping hits such as “Te Molla” and “G Paradise”. They are now back with their first single of the year “I Got You” and the duo doesn’t disappoint.


“I Got You” is the nostalgic jam of 2021 that you will be glad entered your life. When listening to the song, you get the butterfly sensation and the feeling of summertime. After you shuffle the night away on the dance floor, the catchy tune by Arnon and Jonsia will be something you quickly add to your playlists. The duo does an amazing job at putting a nostalgic feeling to their songs.

The instantaneous “baby I got you, and if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here” sucks you into the song within the first ten seconds. Almost anyone can say they want someone to have their back and to be there for them no matter what. “I Got You” is a song that gives that reassuring feeling to anyone listening to it.

Arnon and Josnia are proving that they are here to make music to appeal to the masses. With soft yet hard hitting tones, the duo makes music for any generation. “I Got You” will be that song that sticks in your head long after it has stopped playing. Arnon’s beats and vibes become addictive, once you click on Arnon’s Spotify, you’ll be listening to his releases from 2016 and you will become just as obsessed as everyone else.

“We work together all the time writing and producing different songs, but when we did the hook for ‘I Got
You,’ we knew it had a different vibe and something really special to it. The process for us is really easy
since we know and understand each other musically, we know where we are going when we want a
certain song.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Directed by Armando Delia…….Video Produced by Mate Films





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