“Nisqually” by Strangely Alright

Music has the ability to elicit various feelings within its listeners as well as transport listeners to another place in time. When this phenomenon occurs, a connection, which may or may not be personal, develops between the listener and the artist’s music. The single “Nisqually” by psychedelic rockers Strangely Alright demonstrates this experience.

“Nisqually” begins with the soft, tranquil sound of birds chirping in the background, followed by a synthesizer and the light, gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar. The single gradually becomes louder in dynamics as the drums come in and produce a pulsating beat. The lead singer’s vocals are also a bit distorted. A layer of harmony within the vocals comes into play during the chorus and the synthesizer produces trippy, hypnotic sounds that give off that authentic 1960’s hippie feeling. Despite the change within the song’s dynamics, it is still maintaining a rather calm and soothing atmosphere when it comes to the instrumentation. Another layer is added to the song when the electric guitar makes its grand entrance and delivers a powerful, emotional solo. As the guitar and drums drop out, the dynamics transition back to its original calm state. The composition finishes off with the synthesizer transitioning its sound from psychedelic to one that is more natural and harmonious. The sound of birds chirping which was first heard in the song’s introduction also makes its return at the end.

Strangely Alright are a five-piece act coming from Seattle, Washington, and their ability to fuse psychedelia with alternative rock is pure magic. Fans of The Beatles and early Pink Floyd will surely appreciate the work of Strangely Alright.

Written by Brittany Jennings 




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