“Miss Me Too” by Peyton Marie

If you’re a fan of the Taylor Swift “reputation” era, then Peyton Marie definitely does not disappoint. Inspired by Billie Eillish, Madison Beer and The 1975, Peyton rips her past lovers to shreds. Feeling confident and sassy, Peyton shows off her vocal capabilities while showcasing her amazing lyricism, all the while still getting back at her ex lover.

Peyton Marie is an 18-year old singer songwriter from Iowa in which she wrote her all the songs on her latest EP when she was only 16. Many artists these days start out in their bedroom because the technology of our time allows them to. While she encountered many obstacles like outside rain which stalled recording vocals, she still pursued and 2 years later we can all hear the EP that showcases her maturity and sound. The vocals off “Miss Me Too” sound nowhere near recorded in a bedroom and provide proof that “bedroom” pop is achievable by anyone.

If dark pop ever needed a song to frontman the genre “Miss Me Too” takes the stage. When I first turned on “Miss Me Too” I was pleasantly surprised to see such intricate vocal effects on a young producer/songwriters’ single. The octave vocals and choir in the chorus add something to her single that would be lacking without them. They provide such a huge wall of sound that show Peytons massive vocal strength.


“Miss Me Too” is available on all streaming services now and is a great addition to your playlist used for getting ready for a night or an angry drive home from a nasty breakup. Go follow and stay up to date with her upcoming singles!


Written by Stephanie Pankewich







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