“ Roboganic” by The Blemish

Los Angelos, California based funk duo The Blemish consists of vocalist Bo Haan and beatmaker SheikhBeats. Before they were a duo, the two had their own successes, SheikhBeats has previously been featured by Timbaland, and Bo Haan has released two solo albums. With influences such as Prince and Earth Wind and Fire ,the duo knows how to mesh different genres by writing lyrics that explore love, while keeping in funky. “Roboganic” is the first album to be released from the duo in five years, with the help of funk icon Temu, the duo has given us a great way to end the year.

“Roboganic” delivers a fun and funky vibe while keeping it mature and sexy. The album starts off with hit song “Serial Jane”, this song gives you an idea on what to expect throughout the album. It is upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance. The music video associated with the song is not something you would expect, but you can’t help but to love the fun, animated video. The “Serial Jane” music video provides you with a different take on the message behind the song, you can interpret it in any way you please.

The album also has songs that slow the vibe down and just let you relax into the moment. “Say Yes”, “I’m Out”, and “Bucket List” are just a few examples of the mood change. While the songs may be slower, that won’t stop you from doing classic dance moves such as the shoulder shrug and hip shaking. The Blemish will surprise you with hip hop tune “Bucket List”, the perfect mixture of Bo’s voice with the beat makes this song feel very nostalgic.

With the summer ending and fall starting “Summer Flirt” will make your heart smile as you think of that special someone in your life. The album “Roboganic” comes to an end with a tribute to the state where they reside in, “California”. The robotic song is perfect for any occasion, such as being at the beach, skatepark or just at home cleaning. The heavy hitting “pop and lock” song is sure to get a smile on your face.

“Roboganic” took years of making and it’s clear that the duo has put blood, sweat and tears into this album. The hard work has been obvious to a lot of people, they have been named a Top 100 Live Performer by Music Connection Magazine, and their music has also been featured on NPR. Funk duo The Blemish will soon be a name that you can’t stop talking about. The Blemish’s “Roboganic” will be playing on repeat once you start it. The duo does an amazing job at bringing the best out of any emotion, with every song having a unique sound you are surely going to fall in love with them.

“The album was four years in the making, with the goal of blending electronic elements with our old-school funk and soul sensibilities – and we believe we have succeeded at that.”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Linda Lai and Kai Sutton





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