“Dimensional Mystery Tour” by La Sanyea Dengue

The unique La Sanyea Dengue is made up of 26 year old vocalist and synthesizer Simon “RockaBilly Boy” Lindberg, 22 year old Lukas “Under Hell” Anderhell on drums, bass guitarist Isak Tage Andersson who is also 22 years old, and on electric guitar and synthesizer is 28 year old Fredrik Öhrberg. The four guys met in 2018 at school in Borlänge, Sweden and started playing together as a band one year later in 2019.

“Dimensional Mystery Tour” is the first EP released by four piece band, La Sanyea Dengue, they give you a teaser back in 2020 with single “Love Pill”. The 2021 mix was released onto the EP and it does not disappoint, “Love Pill” is the song on the EP that gets the party going. The four piece band starts “Dimensional Mystery Tour” with hard hitting single “Obsession” in which we get to enjoy a full song of Simon “RockaBilly Boy Lindberg” unique vocals.

Throughout the EP you get a ton of heavy hitting, head banging instrumentals. La Sanyea Dengue makes you obsessed with their music with or without vocals, you are able to feel the music no matter what. “Naked Flying Acid Warrior” demonstrates how the band is great at being able to keep you hooked for minutes, without needing words to tell you how to feel.

The self titled song brings a different vibe to the EP. “Dimensional Mystery Tour” makes you want to grab your skateboard and shred or hop in the mosh pit and break some necks. Finishing the EP with bass heavy tune “Doggystyle” leaves you salivating for more from the four piece band. La Sanyea Dengue will quickly rise in the ranks of being your go to band, the EP will have you warped into the psychedelic trip that is “Dimensional Mystery Tour”. Although the EP was released in late August, you can only hope for more from the group soon.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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