“Social Meteor” by Guardrail

Chicago-based punk rock band, Guardrail, bring energy and excitement on their release “Social Meteor”. In a genre known for these elements, their sound manages to remain unique, and fun to listen to. The message was concise allowing everything to feel incredibly well rounded. Lyrics were apathetic, yet relatable; matching the energy but in an “I don’t care” type of way.

Despite how heavy the song was, it was easy to listen to. Something that really stuck out to me was how memorable all the melodies were. They just seemed to make sense. Because of this, this chorus’ are impossible to get out of your head. 

Not only was it catchy and enjoyable, the music video was awesome too. It showed Guardrail’s personality, and matched the aesthetic. Music videos are becoming a forgotten art, so making one that is entertaining and shows off who the band is, without distracting from music isn’t easy. Guardrail, however, did a phenomenal job creating something that added to and accented the coolest parts of “Social Meteor” and who they are as a band.

Syncopation in the drums grabbed my attention immediately. Once the groove settles into itself, the recognizable guitar riffs paired incredibly well with the high energy vocals. The punk guitars at points reminded me of Bowling for soup and The Wunder Years. Although the song is less than 3 minutes long, it didn’t feel short whatsoever. In fact, one of my favorite things, was how complete everything sounded. It honestly rocked. 


“Social Meteor” by Guardrail can be found on any major streaming service.


Written by Tyler Roberts




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