“Cartoons” by Wild Tibetan Monks

Wild Tibetan Monks are a three piece indie-rock band from Ireland, Dublin that consists of Sean (bass, vocals), Ringo (guitar), and Liam (drums). In 2011, the guys met and formed in college and have been together ever since. The global pandemic forced the Wild Tibetan Monks to move back to Ireland, where they are releasing their original material. “Cartoons” has been released for almost a year now and have received such positive reactions with over 15,000 listens. The band planned to do a music video which took about a month to make thanks to animator Ciaran Casey.

According to Wild Tibetan Monks, “Cartoons” follows the hero’s journey as he tries to escape the old cartoons, as they haunt him with painful memories of the past. “Cartoons” lyrically is a beautiful song, the description of a failed relationship. The slow beginning to the song really draws you in to the mood of “Cartoons”. Seans vocals will make you melt into the song. When the chorus kicks in, allows you to really let loose and feel the emotions that you are putting off.

The music video is in cartoon form to stay in touch with the name and theme of the song. The video captures the true vibe of the song, the cartoons dancing during the chorus is exactly what you’ll be doing when you hear “Cartoons”. The dark dystopian cyber punk music video does an excellent job at capturing the somberness of “Cartoons”. The nostalgic, emo like song “Cartoons” will be stuck in your head for hours on end. Wild Tibetan Monks is a band that you must hear, with meaningful lyrics plus soothing vocals, it’ll be hard for you to not fall in love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Wild Tibetan Monks

Animator: Ciaran Casey (Wilsain Media)





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