Coke and Mentos. Everybody has seen what happens when you mix these two catalysts. The result is messy and oftentimes explosive. “Seltzer” by HA1EY is all about that explosion of pressure. It was written, performed, produced, and mixed entirely herself, and the song is simply phenomenal. Not only does the name reference the lyrics and atmosphere, but the song itself was effervescent and refreshing.

Throughout it all, vocals were powerful and added to what was going on around them. When layered over the constantly evolving texture of the music, the result is magical and dreamy. Melodic lines were unpredictable but never felt like they were lost or meandering. There was certainness and deliberacy behind every riff. 

Matching the energy of the vocals isn’t easy, but the instrumental managed to pull it off. It was unlike anything I’ve ever heard and kept “Seltzer” constantly interesting. From the ethereal strings to the rolling high-hats, I thought every voice was exciting and suited the song beautifully. After-effects like the drum panning and altered vocals were used tastefully and sparingly. 

HA1EY sounds confident and cool on her delivery. Her performance elevated and enhanced the song. The lyrics were interesting and fit the mood, without getting boring. They turned it from a catchy song to an experience to listen to. The way everything came together was not only cohesive but an experience to listen to. Its groove is contagious and totally unique. I found “Seltzer” excellent and I’m excited to see which direction HA1EY takes after this phenomenal release.

“Seltzer” by HA1EY can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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