Artist Interview: “Like Fire” by Jonas Hahn and Felish

Q: Before we dive deep into things, I do want to say thanks for taking the time to allow readers, who may or may not be familiar with your music, to get to know both of you. So, please, introduce us to the amazing Jonas Hahn and the beautiful Felish and tell us how you guys realized that music is the right path for you.

FELISH: I realized my passion for music being stronger than all else when I first started studying and working extremely consistently on music in L.A back in 2013. And I was so stoked to feel that there was so much to explore in music that I had not yet done at that time.

I started working with two bands as the songwriter, lead singer, and performer, and on top of that writing music and making it a routine felt like magic every day. and who doesn’t want magic every day of their lives?

So through the studies, the music experiences, and the bands I created with since 2013 — that’s when I really knew — there is no other path for me because on [the] music path the possibilities of exploring are really endless.

Q: How would you two describe your individual sound and style? What was it like combining them in this single?

FELISH: I am both a top-liner, vocalist, musician, and a producer, and my style, productions, and sound is a combination of soul, electronica, RnB, and 80’s synth-pop, so really a mixture of genres, I like combining genres in unexpected ways, because I strive to create something that reflects the sound of my soul.

It’s always difficult to describe your own voice, (you kind of hear it differently inside your own head until you hear it played back to you when recording vocals)but I would say I’ve got a timbre of warmth, strength in combination with lightness and rawness to my vocal sound. It was a [long] process as two artists in different styles actually.

When digging into the writing — being the topliner and vocalist on ‘Like Fire’ I needed to learn to hear myself through and together with sounds that I might not have chosen as a producer myself, and that is such a challenge — to stay tuned to your own melody creating and vocal style without interfering nor disconnecting with the producers work and instrumentation style. It was fun because I adore the productions Jonas Hahn creates which made the writing exciting and different.

At the end of the day, it’s an emotion you get through the sounds you hear and My emotions that turned into words and melody melted together with the emotion of the instrumentation Jonas created in a very beautiful way.


Q:  You both are signed to SoCal Records. Was it the label who paired the two of you for this collab or did you guys come together on your own? Basically, who do we need to thank for making this happen?

FELISH: Well, actually, Daniel Walt reached out to me through Instagram after hearing some of the music I’ve created and asked if I wanted to give a song with the 3 producers involved in the project.

Everything was created through email and social media correspondence, sending the track back and forth till we felt it was exactly where it should be in terms of production, lyric, and melody.


Q:  Talk to us about the process of writing and producing “Like Fire.” What was the easiest and most difficult part? What was the best part?

FELISH: My best part was when we got to that final hook line “just like fire-e-e-e” both in terms of melody and words, and my absolute favorite part is the hook and the background vocals on “eh – eh” just take me higher creating a rhythmic harmony in all its simplicity it has a great force to it.

Q: I love the summer vibes oozing from the track. I also like how despite school coming back, it’s still perfect for party playlists. What was the goal you guys had in mind before releasing the tune?

FELISH: That it was gonna become a summer banger, and to see the results — becoming just that is something I’m incredibly thankful for!


Q: You both are extremely talented and your talents have led you to experience success. Felish, your song “Remember You” was featured in Salma Hayek’s Netflix series “Monarca.” How does that feel?

FELISH: To have a full song featured in Salma Hayek’s productions Monarca made me incredibly happy and excited because its a collaboration with the artist Soul Catalyst that I absolutely adore creating with in terms of being innovative with our choices of sound, and to see a song we’ve created together back in 2017 reach the radar and get featured in a Salma Hayek production in 2019 was so amazing, and also a sign of being ahead of your time regarding a sound and style. It was also a boost of self-esteem or sound-esteem if you may to not let go or let work drift away if you truly and deeply feel for what you’ve created it will find its place.


Q: I want to know and I’m sure others want to know, will we see another collab from you guys?

FELISH: I truly want to create more with Jonas, because I adore his work and work ethics, hopefully, yes.


Q: Well, we’re all excited to know what you two are working on now, whether individually or together.

FELISH: Most recently (as in last weeks) I’ve been performing around in Sweden (my home country) and the next single release is finishing up so stay tuned for the release in October!

This autumn is also a time of new work and polishing my second EP as a solo artist, I’m developing my sound including new experimentation of adding an afrobeat sound mixed with electronica and 80’s synthpop!


Q: Again, thank you so much for this. Is there anything you guys want to say to the readers?

FELISH: To the listeners and fellow music lovers don’t ever fear experimenting, whatever moves your body and heart should be expressed through work, words and actions! So, don’t stop dancing, expressing, and exploring — thank you so much for the love, and stay tuned for our new releases!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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