“Bogotá” by Jaded Jane and Olivia Ruff

Sweden-based duo Jaded Jane sound phenomenal on their newest release Bogotá. The collaboration with Olivia Ruff, Michael Ruff, and Per Lindvall was awesome and helped showcase each artist.  Written while on a trip to Colombia, it perfectly captures the excited energy of travelling someplace new. The choir of different voices and sounds ringing out was uplifting and gorgeous

The chorus in particular is impossible to listen to without a smile on your face. I loved how modern sounds mixed with traditional ones. Light piano riffs felt perfectly at home besides synthesizers of all sorts. Everything came together, enhancing the other sounds instead of fighting to be heard. It made everything easy to listen to and gave the whole song a happy energy.

Unique mixing gives “Bogotá” an almost nostalgic feel at points. Sometimes putting synthesizers at the forefront, while at others hiding them in the texture. Throughout it all, however, the cool vocals were easygoing and gorgeous. Sounding choral at points, while at others sounding more like pop music. 

“Bogotáreminds me of the movie trope of arriving at a new bustling city. Lots of people in the street, the weather is perfect, and you’re just overwhelmed by the natural beauty. It’s a moment where the main characters are happy before the plot thickens and things get complicated. At this point, things are going well and you can see the happiness and excitement to be there. Jaded Jane and collaborators have done a fantastic job creating a song that just makes you feel good.


 “Bogotá” by Jaded Jane can be found on any major streaming service.

Written by Tyler Roberts




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