‘Waves’ by The Bugles’

It seems like most popular music today strays away from social issues. Though emotional and introspective issues are important, sometimes we just need music that teaches us about the world around us. The Bugles’ did a wonderful job with the creation of ‘Waves’ in this way. It isn’t a song about love, loss, or not fitting in. It’s a song that highlights important issues within the world’s societal systems that need change. It’s absolutely amazing to stumble across artists that do things like this. They can take the emotional aspect of music and use it to help others empathize with situations and problems that they might personally not face on a day-to-day basis. What The Bugles is doing with their music is something that’s important, something that could help the world move forward in a way where more people feel ready to make it better.

‘Waves’ by The Bugles’ has such a distinctly powerful indie rock sound. It pulls the listener along with its uptempo sound, and each instrument is utilized to create such an energetic sound. The darker guitar tones fit in perfectly, and the come-up from the start of the track is done perfectly. The dark tone fades in from radio static, and the drums pick up the beat as the note increases in power. Then there’s just such a captivating hit. It’s phenomenal. The vocals work with such a poignant sound each note hitting with a percussive power. Not only that, there’s a lot of the strong emotion captured within the vocal tone. The theme of radio static and changing channels adds a nice touch as it opens the piece and makes an appearance later on.

‘Waves’ has such a profound lyricism behind it. Rather than being completely introspective, as many songs are, it’s about the world around us. “Nothing could take this man’s eyes and coffee /The shame of thousands living without a home / The pain of feeling like you don’t belong … When you think about it, it crashes down like waves,” is one of the many parts of this song that makes it apparent. The man mentioned is said to wear apathy in the very first line. It’s about the problems in the world, poverty, the war on drugs, etc., and how that does in fact crash down like waves. It could either be read as a note to the apathetic man or from his point of view. If it’s the former, the voice of the song could be beckoning the man to wake up. How can you be apathetic when the world is falling apart? If it’s from the apathetic man’s point of view, it could be him realizing all of these things, having them crash, but choosing to be apathetic because of how much is going on in the world. It’s truly well written, and there’s a lot of poetic meaning encapsulated in the lyricism.

UK-based band ‘The Bugles’ came together at Reading University. Jack Blade and Tom Blade started working with Matt Newell. They originally took on the name ‘Deaf Poets’ until Moshin Abbass became a part of the band in 2015, making the name what it is today. From there they were able to pick up bassist Sion Williams. They’re known for the evolution of their sound, with no album being quite the same. ‘Waves’ is the opening for a 4 track EP going by the same name. ‘Waves’ has definitely shown another evolution in their sound, bringing a heavier more riff-centric energy to the table. The Bugles’ have truly shown that they can work with an eclectic range of music, and you’re in for something different every release you listen to.

Written by Sage Plapp


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