“Like Water Is Flowing” by Sweeter Than Sorrow

Mattias Wahlberg, the sole creator of Sweeter Than Sorrow, dedicates his new single, “Like Water is Flowing,” to his wife and the love of his life. His mellow-tone voice cradles the listener into a romantic lullaby about a rare companionship – a rose petal love.  Mattias Wahlberg is originally known as the bandleader of the Swedish alternative folk/pop band Sombre View. Now, he ventures off into a new solo project that possesses a beautiful, gentle depiction of love and tender masculinity.

“Like Water Flowing” is a melancholy, ambient pop song with euphoric compilations of lyrics and melodies. The piece is a perfectly curated single describing a comforting, familiar love and the epidemy of how every person wants to be loved. The kind, gentle nature of the song is addicting. As a listener, it is easy to sink into the dreamy world Sweeter Than Sorrow creates. A type of world where doubt ceases to exist in love. In “Like Water is Flowing” love is simple, patient, and eternal – euphoric energy that cannot be replicated. 

Wahlberg compares love to “water flowing down from the mountain like flowers are turning toward the sunlight”– love is a constant and a sure thing. There is something so reassuring about returning to a person that is undoubtfully the essence of love and life. The soft humming to the sweet vibration of wanting to love someone, “Like Water Is Flowing,” gives hope that a pure form of love still exists.

“You’re my love all the time. You’re my love always now.” 

Sweeter Than Sorrow is influenced by artists such as Cigarettes After Sex and Sufijan Stevens. Remember to add “Like Water is Flowing” on your In The Feels playlist. The single is now available on Spotify

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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