“Bad Intent” by Cullen The Great

A compelling intro, addicting beat, and a blunt and hard-hitting flow from Cullen the Great: “Bad Intent” is a banger for anyone who has been yearning for a raw hip hop track. Cullen uses his craft so skillfully to show off his lyrical talent, switching from a raunchy hook stating the lyrics, “Bad intent, Got some bad intent, Cause i’m mad as shit, And i think i’m gonna harm another” in a low-toned and angry voice, then shifting to a more face-paced slim shady-esque verse. Cullen shows off his impeccable skills with his unique vocals along with his swift but clever beat changes. 

Rapper Cullen The Great was born in San Jose, California but moved to Arizona as a baby. He is also one of the two founding members of the iconic Arizona rap group, The Lavish Crew. Always loving music, Cullen has been mainly behind the music, being part of the mixing and recording side.After perfecting his craft, he began producing beats under the name itsKGbaby, and is now ready to take the world by storm.

“Bad Intent” begins off ranchy and aggressive, with Cullen the Great’s uncompromising vocals. Looking at the lyrics, it seems that Cullent is talking about his rise to fame, and how he is here to make a name for himself: lyrics such as “I ain’t here to make a friend, Not concerning ‘bout the status, Just concerning if i win, I’m conserving all i give” give an in depth look into Cullen’s thoughts.

“Bad Intent” is a must listen for OG hip hop fans, as this track really has an old school and extremely fresh vibe to it. With this much success behind the scenes and such an intriguing and aggressive track with “Bad Intent”, it’s exciting to see what Cullen the Great will release next.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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