“Thankful” by Phillip Good

Not too long ago Phillip Good came through with “Let Me in My Lady” and I was so taken aback by his country twang meet R&B harmonies that I had a gut feeling that pressing play on “Thankful” would not disappoint and I was right. Only this time the person on the other side of his sweet musical gesture is his daughter, Elena, who is featured on the track as well. 

Only seven years old, Elena showcases that her dad is not the only one in the family with a knack for all things music. She wrote and performed her own verse that highlighted the ways she was thankful too. It is a heartfelt addition that is one of the myriad of reasons “Thankful” stands out from the crowd. A father and daughter teaming up, on top of the way Phillip Good makes pairing country music with a more mainstream sound seem effortless. “Thankful” does not just get you with the sentimental lyrics, it keeps you around because the overall musical landscape is absolute fire. 

This is one of those songs that lends itself to be a viral sensation because parents everywhere are going to want to do their own renditions with their kids by their side. Good timing too as we are heading right into the holidays when we recollect on all the things we are truly grateful for. Those who want to check out this beautiful musical moment can listen to “Thankful,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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