“Lie To Me” by Dunebug

The new single and music video “Lie To Me” by Dunebug is an honest depiction of the emotional complexities of a situation-ship. The fear of losing a love that has no title or official name can leave the mind and heart at war with each other. Although the grey areas of relationships are difficult to navigate, “Lie To Me” Is a poetic dedication to unrequited love. This song pierces the hearts of many due to its vulnerability and realness regarding emotional attachment and mental chaos that can occur in one’s mind. And because it’s written so honestly– it hit home like no other song. 

Dunebug explains the meaning of the song and inner thoughts of troubled love. 

“[Lie To Me] A song about a “casual, non-exclusive” relationship that has become more serious over time, and being afraid of expressing your feelings in fear of scaring the other person away, resulting in suppressed feelings, suffering in silence, and the will to be treated unfairly purely to maintain the facade of the relationship you currently have. The main theme of this track is vulnerability and submissiveness and completely succumbing to it, despite being dressed as a love song.”

Dunebug presents a one-sided love where a young woman yearns for the pleasurable lies she is told. The lie is what feels good in the moment, despite being acutely aware of the truth. After all, It’s better than letting fear set in. 

The music video opens with an elegant vision of nature and a meadow featuring two lovers. As the video continues, there are small cues to the nuances of distance being created between the couple – the pursuer and the chased.  The music video exudes a vintage feel, bestowing soft colors and a gentle longing for being loved and wanted. The greenery and flowers accent the sad and romantic nature of the cinematic-like music video.

The song became a personal favorite and helped me release the tears from my own heartbreak. Add this song to your heartbreak playlist right now!

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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