“Mild Bliss” by Father Sheed

Independent electronic and house DJ / producer Nick Jamshidi has been making music under the name “Father Sheed” since 2018. The Austin, TX based artist says that the top tracks on his first album “Mild Bliss” would be “Smoulder”, “Amniotic”, “Recalcitrant”, and “Moon Language”. The recent project from artist Father Sheed was being made during hard the year of 2020. He would find small amusements or “mild bliss” in moments and it started to become all the more impactful and important in day to day life. With the help of Matthew Lewin mastering the album, Father Sheed hopes to capture some of those emotions.

After hearing “Mild Bliss” you will definitely understand why Father Sheed chose those four tracks as his top tracks. We start the album off with a little taste of what to expect with “Smoulder”, it starts off with a lullaby like tune and continues to mildly pick up through out the song. Other hits such as “Amniotic” and “Moon Language” really gives you the ambient vibes, something you can study to or just have the biggest chill night that you can imagine.

The weird, eccentric yet funky vibes of “Recalcitrant” shakes up the album, this song is a bit more upbeat but Father Sheed still stays true to the aesthetic of the album. The entirety of the album will get you more relaxed than you have been in a while. Father Sheed’s debut album “Mild Bliss” does an amazing job at letting you decompress and allowing you to forget what you were stressed about.

It’s hard not to love every song on “Mild Bliss”, but we all tend to have one favorite song off an album. After listening to the album it won’t be long before you have a favorite song or songs. Maybe it’s “Putty” because like the title it allows you to melt into the song. The repetitive yet comforting tune can quickly become a favorite. Or you could choose “Half Stop” because it gives your brain a chance to wake up while simultaneously letting it relax.

The album may be titled “Mild Bliss” but the serenity you feel when listening to this is much more than mild. Finishing the album off with “Moon Language” seems to bring you into a higher plane, if you close your eyes and listen to it, its as if you can feel your body lift off.

With two previous songs reaching about 100,000 listens, it will be no surprise when Father Sheeds first album skyrockets up the ranks. This relaxing, yet jazzy album will have you feeling all of your emotions and not holding onto the pain of them. “Mild Bliss” will soon be added to your everyday playlists, it will become your guide to relaxation.

“Everything is honored, but nothing matters. Take a breath and take a walk, maybe you’ll feel better”

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Corinne Ferman





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