Artist Interview: “Lockjaw” by Oh! Vered

Q: I love the vibe in “Lockjaw.” What inspired this song?

OH! VERED: The song was written during covid, when life was monotonous, and I felt like I was a loser in life… Doing absolutely nothing to further myself as a person or as a musician. I had been skirting around the ides of even pursuing music anymore after years of doubting my abilities. Then the nightmares of failure and what will never be, the constant voice in my head telling me I amount to nothing. I had never really completed a song before and this was the time to lend the pen to the voices in my head.

Q:  Who is your favorite artist?

OH! VERED: Loaded question but right now Trent Reznor, I am obsessed with his understanding of rhythm and tones. My always and forever is Jeff Buckley though.

Q: What are some challenges you faced as a musician?

OH! VERED: Again, the negative voices arguing in my head with the minimal confidence I have. I learn new tools all the time trying to have more defense lawyers in my head fighting for my right to love myself and appreciate the talent I have. Also money is a challenge. I am a very hard worker and I couch surf at the moment because all my money is dedicated to my art right now. I wish I could have it all sometimes but recording music out of a suitcase isn’t a bad premise for an album.

Q: How has your 2021 been so far?

OH! VERED: Really interesting. I released two songs which is more than I ever have, and more are on the way. I am committing fully to music and throwing myself all in.

Q:   Are you working on something currently?

OH! VERED:  I just released my second single “Narcisista” and the music video will be coming out in October!!!

Q: Is there a specific aesthetic or feeling you try to encompass with your music?

OH! VERED: As much as I try to do something, I slip out. Meaning, if I try to do something forcefully, my authenticity bursts through the seams and everyone knows it’s me. Even having a new artist name is new and strange to me, but I don’t try anything really. I just make what I like!

Interviewed by Katrina Yang



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